We are your health advocate, always ensuring your safety and good health.


Here at Spartan Pharmacy, prescriptions are our specialty.

Unlike other big-box pharmacies, who sell everything under the sun and specialize in nothing, we focus on one thing— your health, your prescription and over-the-counter medications needed to maintain it. We are your health advocate, always ensuring your safety and good health.

Your time is precious.

We understand life can be busy with lots of running around, from work to doing errands or caring for children or elders. We also understand that you're making an extra stop in your day to give us your business. As a sign of our appreciation, we strive to ensure that your choice to use us as your provider is rewarded by little to no waiting for your prescription. Our compassionate staff will always greet you with a friendly smile. Not all prescriptions are the same. We understand the times when your sick child’s antibiotics or a loved one’s pain medication must be filled before another customer’s prescriptions. Fortunately, our customers understand that need too. Everyone "pays it forward". Our customer’s needs at the time that they are being served are always our top priority. We strive to deliver all prescriptions in a timely manner with the upmost attention, accuracy, and compassion. That's our guarantee.

Refills are a breeze.

Getting refills at Spartan Pharmacy couldn't be easier. We offer online refills through RefillRX, an online refill service allows you to enter your refills by using your smartphone to scan the barcode on your bottle’s label or ordering manually online. You may also call our automated refill service and enter in your prescription number that appears on your prescription bottle. Both refill options allow you to request a pick up date and time and delivery option.