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By listening and partnering with you, we offer innovative, trusted solutions that lead to your better health.

We are your healthcare advocates from the moment your doctor calls in your prescription or you walk in the door. We become your partner with the same desired results: a healthy, happy you!

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Personalized Service

“Pharmacy” at some point evolved into a mindless, factory-like mentality in which pharmacists pump out prescriptions with no real connection with the patient. We’re changing that. At Spartan Pharmacies, you will be greeted by your first name by our friendly, caring staff. We provide one-on-one, personalized attention and responsiveness and genuinely care about your health and happiness. And we are always mindful of cost and work to get you the best price options available.

Focused Approach

We know your time is precious and waiting in line for your prescription is the last thing you want to do in your busy schedule. At Spartan Pharmacies, prescriptions are all we do. We don’t sell groceries, furniture or clothes. We don’t make you wait for your prescription in hopes that you will buy something over-the-counter as well. It is our focused approach that awards you with fast, accurate service.


We understand the value of staying informed of the latest, leading-edge technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. We make ourselves flexible to learn new innovations that can help better our customer’s lives.

About the Founders

Spartan Pharmacy opened its doors in 2003 by Adam Rice and Kevin McCaffrey, graduates of The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy. Growing up in Brentwood and having an interest in pharmaceuticals, Adam saw three independent pharmacies close their doors due to big-box chains moving in. Upon graduating, Adam and Kevin decided to bring back the independent pharmacy model. They decided to name their pharmacy “Spartan”, after the local high school mascot with the intention to convey the message that this pharmacy was part of the very community that it serves. It worked, and Adam and Kevin now offer three additional locations to better serve the community. It is because of their beliefs in real customer care, supporting local communities and staying true to one’s self that Spartan Pharmacy continues to grow.

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