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Spartan Pharmacy’s MyPak™ is a simple, safe and convenient way for you to have your medication when or where ever you need it. It doesn’t cost any more than your normal prescription in a bottle, so why fumble with a traditional plastic pill case or bottle when you can have them in this revolutionary new custom packaging.


Grab and go!

Have you ever purchased vitamin packs? Do you love the convenience of having all your daily vitamins in a portable, easy-to-open pouch? Then you’ll love our exclusive MyPak™ service. We will review your medication regimen, and then create a month’s worth of customized MyPaks™ that contain your daily dose of medications, vitamins, whatever you choose! The paks will display your name, medication and strength, the date they should be consumed and time of day they should be consumed. Each time of the day has it’s own pouch, which are chronilogically ordered in a complete in one strip, so they are easy to store, and all you have to do is tear off a pak as you need them! Going on vacation? Simply put the MyPak™ pouches into your luggage and you’re good to go. No need to pack all your bottles.

Getting the Correct Dosage Everytime.

The MyPak™ service is the first-of-its-kind where a pharmacy can actually reach inside the patient’s home to ensure the correct dosage of a medication is taken at the correct time of the day – every day. It doesn’t matter how accurate a pharmacy is, if the patient doesn’t take the medication correctly when they get home. With MyPak™, we can ensure that your medications, over the counter products, or vitamin supplements are all packaged correctly in individualized, chronically ordered strip pouches, which leaves less room for error.

MyPak™ Saves You Time.

MyPak™ also eliminates having to make multiple trips to the pharmacy throughout the month due to multiple refills running out at different times. We created a system so you only have to pay once a month (your copay(s)) by bundling all your medications together. We are able to bill your insurance as your refills come due throughout the month but not require you to pay until your MyPaks™ are ready for pick up once a month. This saves you precious time that you could better spent doing other things.

Who Should Use MyPak™?

MyPak™ works great for those with busy schedules or travel often, seniors who have trouble remembering their medications or families who take valuable time to set up pill boxes for a loved one. MyPak™ is a great solution for anyone that takes a multiple medications, someone that struggles to remember to take their medications, or someone who is on the go, and doesn’t want the hassle of fumbling with medication bottles all of the time.

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