One of the most popular areas of medicine today is anti-aging medicine, or functional medicine. Anti-aging/ functional medicine attempts to keep individuals healthy and functioning regardless of their age. Most of us want to live as long as we possibly can. However, do we want to add years to our life, or life to our years? Life is an accumulation of thousands of events and decisions. The small decisions that we make every hour of every day can impact the quality of our life for years to come. As Americans, we plan for so many occurrences in life. But few of us plan for our inevitable aging.

So how do we assess how well we are aging? Many researchers are looking at the length of our telomeres, the strands at the end of chromosomes, to correlate our chronological age with our biological age. Others are looking at our genetics and the role our genes play in our aging. Still others are looking at how well our bodies function metabolically, in such areas as methylation. Finally, we also look at our levels of wear and tear commonly referred to as “oxidative stress”. Formulations of nutrients known as antioxidants, like Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), can help to protect against oxidative stress and slow down aging.

ALA 300 is unique among biological antioxidants because it is soluble in both water and fats. This allows ALA 300 to neutralize free radicals both inside and outside the cells. Because ALA 300 is involved in so many different functions in the body, it has been called the “universal scavenger”. Besides being a powerful antioxidant in its own right, ALA 300 can also recharge othe

The overall goal of any anti-aging supplement is the prevention of disease and the maintenance of overall health. In this regard, Beberine would be an excellent choice. Two of the challenges that face us as we age are high blood sugar and elevated blood lipids. High blood sugar is known to bring about diabetes. And the eleveated insulin levels produced in response to high blood sugar are tought to have an influence on the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. Berberine has been shown to help lower blood glucose levels for better blood sugar management.

Studies have shown that Berberine can also help with the management of blood lipids. And Berberine provides a relaxation role in the blood vessels, thus lowering elevated blood pressure. But always remember when optimal aging is the goal, a healthy diet, adequate exercise and a ehalthy lifestyle are the best way to maintain your body function for years to come.