Due to COVID-19, we are unable to accept walk-ins for vaccinations at this time. We require appointments only, so you may either call your local pharmacy or book an appointment online.


vaccine consent formAfter we schedule your appointment, please download and complete the Vaccine Consent Form, print and sign it, then bring it with you to your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

What we normally carry:


Who: All persons greater than 6 months old should receive their flu shot. Any person over the age of 9 can receive this vaccine at the pharmacy.
When: Flu vaccines are generally offered yearly from October – January
Why: Help reduce the spread and severity of this highly contagious disease
How often: You should receive your flu shot every year as the contents of the vaccine are changed each year to adjust to a rapidly changing virus.


Who: Pregnant women and any adult that has not received a Tdap dose previously
When: Year-Round
Why: To reduce the risk of spreading whooping cough and contracting tetanus
How often: Tetanus boosters are given every 10 years. If you haven’t received a dose of Tdap previously you should receive Tdap instead of Td. It is also recommended for any person in close contact with newborns and infants regardless of the time of the last tetanus booster.


Who: Persons over 65 or people under 65 with certain medical conditions
When: Year-Round
Why: To help reduce the risk of certain types of pneumonia
How often: 1 dose at 65 and a possible 2nd dose a year later.


Who: Any healthy person over the age of 50
When: Year-Round
Why: As we age we are at increased risk of developing shingles and/or postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). Shingirx has been shown to significantly reduce this risk.
How often: Shingrix is a 2 dose series. The first dose is given anytime followed by a 2nd dose 2-6 months later

For more information about these and other vaccines please visit the CDC’s website at

Other vaccines may be available upon request.

All vaccines are subject to availability. Age and health restrictions may apply. Not all vaccines are covered by insurance please check with your plan to determine coverage.


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